The G Spotter True Blue LTE MiMO antenna... Click Here for more details

True Blue G Spotter

True MiMo for the best 4G 4GX 5G LTE speeds in Australia.... 2 Individual elements in one slim line antenna (MiMo)

The G Spotter Twin Peak Pro Plus YAGI Array Antenna... Click Here for more details

Twin Peak Pro Plus

This is the ultimate YAGI antenna if you "Just Have To Get Connected" now upgraded to 42 Elements for even more signal.

G Spotter Sixty Niner Omni Antenna ... Click Here for more details

The Sixty Niner

The G Spotter 69er is the perfect LTE Omni antenna for your 4WD, Car, Boat or RV - Signal on the move - 5G Ready.

Fully Legal Mobile Phone & Broadband Internet Repeater Package

Mobile Phone & Data
Booster - Repeater

Boost your Telstra or Optus reception all around your house with our range of Fully Legal Mobile Phone Repeater Packages.

G Spotter Portable True Blue on magnetiv Suction cup base ... Click Here for more details

True Blue Portable

The G Spotter True MiMo Portable Package Magnetic / Suction cup Base Package. With Duel TS9 Patch cables

G Spotter Super Maxi 2.4Gig WiFi Antenna ... Click Here for more details

Super Maxi WiFi

The G Spotter Super Maxi WiFi antenna - Huge WiFi Broadcast - Increase your WiFi signal on 2.4Gig WiFi.

G Spotterâ„¢ Retro Rooftop LTE Magnetic Base Portable Antenna Multi Frequency:3G 4G 5G - WiFi 2.4 + 5.8 + GPS. ... Click Here for more details

Retro Roof Mount

G Spotterâ„¢ Retro Roof Mount LTE Magnetic Base Portable Antenna Multi Frequency: 3G 4G 5G - WiFi 2.4 + 5.8 Gig + GPS.

Click Here for more details about our Bespoke Antenna Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

G Spotter Antennas also have a bespoke range of communication solutions - so contact us for your solution today.

At G Spotter Antennas we are all about solutions. We have been around since the start of wireless broadband internet in 2007 and we have had many happy customers. Our Australian owned family business strives towards getting the results you need with old fashioned friendly service.

Our mission is to keep our customers connected. G Spotter Antennas work in all sorts of tricky and marginal reception areas, and in this constantly evolving society we know a connection to the outside world is a crucial part of the way we now live our lives.

We aim to make sure you have the best chance of receiving better signal where you need it, a faster and more stable wireless broadband internet.
Our antennas and low loss extension cables are of the highest quality, they are specifically built tough for the rugged Australian conditions.