True Blue MiMo LTE

True Blue MiMo LTE


The True Blue is a compact antenna that works at two levels with its individual elements. This use of both Vertical and Horizontal Polarization allows the antanna to combine multiple-in and multiple-out capabilities. It has the ability to achieve super-fast broadband connection from all carriers up to about 25kms from a transmission tower!

The antenna comes with two 1.5 metre cables, with the option to add 5mtr or 10mtr cabling if needed. This gives you more freedom when it comes to placing your antenna, whether it be wall or pole mounted.

The True Blue is best for 4G speeds in Australia for Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. It also works effectivley with 3G/4G/4GX/LTE 700/850/900/1800/2100/2300/2600/3500 Mhz MiMo and is 5G ready.

($298 + $33 Delivery)
(Pole not Included)

Check out this video ... it shows how the True Blue performs to increase internet signal & speed

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True Blue MiMo LTE Portable Unit


Take Your G Spotter with you. This package is all you need including a magnetic suction cup base and 2 x TS9 patch cables to suit most portable modems.

This setup is ideal for Caravaners, Campers, Travellers & Tradies or anyone who needs to access fast Broadband internet while travelling. Skype the grand kids or run your business when on the move.

Using one of our True Blue Portable antennas, you will be able to achieve signal in more places and at a greater distance from the transmission towers . You can either just sit the unit inside your caravan or motor home. or on top of the vehicle with the super strong magnetic base.

With The G Spotter plugged into your modem from Telstra - Optus or Vodafone you will get increased service and you will see this on the modem. From the modem you have WiFi to connect all your smartphones, ipads, laptops and tablets. Make normal phone calls over WiFi Calling

($440 + $33 Delivery)

Check out this video True Blue and how it performs to increase internet signal & speed

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